What Are Companion Gifts?

Gifts are the primary way to raise companion influence.

Our companions are extremely limited in their love languages! The quickest way to raise influence rank is through companion gift items. A companion with higher influence will be better at combat, faster at crafting, and have a higher chance to get a critical success on crew skill missions.

When you mouse over a companion gift, you will see a lot of information on the item tooltip:

Gift tooltip on mouseover.

The item tooltip will either tell you that you will gain “no influence,” or  that your companion’s reaction will be a “small,” “moderate,” or “large” influence gain.

How much influence your companion gains from a gift is based on the following factors:

  • The gift rank,
  • The gift rarity,
  • Your companion’s reaction to that gift type,
  • Your legacy unlocks.

Each factor is discussed in more detail below.

You will also gain some companion influence through conversations. After Patch 4.0, you no longer have to worry about avoiding conversation options that your companion dislikes: you will never lose  influence, although companions may react to your choices later. You will gain added influence if you make a choice that your companion approves of in the story. What story choices companions like are detailed on their descriptions in the Contacts window.

Legacy Unlocks

The Legacy bonus “Legacy of Altruism” can be completely unlocked for 90,000 credits and will make companion gifts 30% more effective on this character. Click here for a step-by-step guide to unlocking it.

Gift Rank

Like all crew skill materials, companion gifts come in multiple ranks. Rank 5 was the highest available until Knights of the Fallen Empire, which introduced Rank 6 gifts.

Lower rank gifts give less influence as your companion outgrows them. Take note: the word “rank” has also been used to indicate the levels of companion influence (Rank 1 – Rank 50). However, these ranks do not correspond to each other. Rank 1 gifts give influence up to Rank 40 influence.

Gift Rarity

Like other game items, gifts come in varying levels of rarity, and rare gifts are worth more influence:

  • Premium Quality: the lowest level, common in other games.
  • Prototype Quality: Rare, twice the influence of a Premium gift.
  • Artifact Quality: Epic, twice the influence of a Prototype gift (four times the influence of a Premium gift).
  • Legendary Quality, ten times the influence of a common gift.

Legendary gifts were also added in Knights of the Fallen Empire, and only exist at Rank 6.


Companion Gifts are one of twelve different types: Courting, Cultural Artifacts, Delicacies/Artwork*, Imperial Memorabilia, Luxury, Maintenance/Consumable*, Military Gear, Republic Memorabilia, Technology, Trophy, Underworld Good, and Weapon.

Delicacies/Artwork and Maintenance/Consumable gift categories were added in Patch 4.0, and as of November 2015 they display different names on their companion tooltip than their category on the Galactic Trade Network. Delicacies and Maintenance are the two names that seem to be intended based on what the gifts are (and the animations when you give them), but fan sites are split between the terms.

You can tell your companion’s reaction to a gift type by their verbal response when given one. Companions are much more enthusiastic about loved gifts than others:

Corso Riggs:

  • Best (Love): “This is great. Thanks, Captain!”
  • Favorite: “Wow, nice. Thanks.”
  • Like: “Thank you.”
  • Indifferent: “Um, thanks. I guess.”

Even if they have outleveled the gift and gain very little influence from it, their vocal response will be the same, because it is based on their reaction to the gift type.

You don’t need to puzzle this information out yourself: the internet is full of guides listing how different companions react to different gift categories. Make sure that you are looking at one that was updated after patch 4.0.2, when companion gift reactions changed.

When you’re reading these guides, “Love” is the gift that gives the highest influence gain, “Favorite” is the gift that gives the second-highest amount of influence gain, and “Like” gives the smallest influence gain.

Love > Favorite > Like

It is odd to most people that “favorite” was used in this system but is not the superlative. The best way to remember its weaker status is to think about the internet connotations of “like” (extremely transitory approval of a Facebook post) and “favorite” (“favorite and forget,” as they say of bookmarks).

Where Can I Get Companion Gifts?

Companion gifts appear as random loot out in the world, can be gathered by many crew skills, and are in every “Commander’s Share” box that you get after turning in supplies to your alliance specialists once you begin the Alliance system in Chapter IX of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Crew Skill Missions Purchased (Credits) Purchased
(Other Currency)
Drops in Cartel Packs Alliance Crates
1 Grade 1 Fleets,
2 Grade 2 Fleets,
3 Grade 3
4 Grade 4
5 Grade 5, Grade 6 Fleets  Yes Yes
6 Fleets, Odessan Yes Yes

The following crew skills gather companion gifts:

  • Treasure Hunting
  • Underworld Trading
  • Diplomacy
  • Investigation

Look for missions that return companion gifts.

Rank 1 and 2 companion gifts can be purchased with credits from Companion Gift Vendors on the fleets and in capital cities (for directions, see this guide).

Jawa scrap traders in the Cartel Bazaar section of the fleets sell Rank 6 gifts, but only of the two categories introduced in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

The jawa named Hadiir will take your Scavenged Scrap and sell you the premium quality gifts Rare Ghoral Bird Egg (Artwork/Delicacies) or Replacement Parts (Maintenance/Consumable). You can get 15 Scavenged Scrap each week by completing your personal conquest goal.

The jawa named Mnek will take Assorted Droid Parts in exchange for prototype quality gifts Muja Fruit (Artwork/Delicacies) and Routine Maintenance (Maintenance/Consumable). You can get 10 Assorted Droid Parts each week by completing your personal conquest goal.

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