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c24uGreetings! I am C2-4U, game-human relations droid. I love both MMORPGs and writing, and it is my goal to provide articles in the style of the paperback game guides of days past. Allow me to start where the in-game tutorial stops, and be your tour guide for TOR!

Your enjoyment is my highest priority, Master!

General Game Mechanics

Class Guides

  • Mirror Abilities

Your Account

Companions and Pets

Gift Guides: My goal has been to create some simplified class gift reaction guides that are completely up-to-date so that new players don’t have to sort through an overwhelming amount of information.

Look up gifts by gift type, and see all companions that respond.


Jedi Knight
Jedi Consular

Sith Inquisitor
Sith Warrior
Imperial Agent
Bounty Hunter
  • Cartel Market Companions
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire Companions
  • Star Fortress Alliance Recruits

Mission Log

Most quests in this game are very straightforward, but occasionally there’s something tricky, whether by design or by developer oversight. My goal is not to catalog every quest, but to answer “Where is Mankrik’s wife?”

Heroic Missions

  • The Master List of All Heroic Missions
  • The Best Heroic Missions for Credits
  • Alderaan Heroics Guide
  • Balmorra Heroics Guide
  • Belsavis Heroics Guide
  • Corellia Heroics Guide
  • Coruscant Heroics Guide
  • Dromund Kaas Heroics Guide
  • Hoth Heroics Guide
  • Ilum Heroics Guide
  • Makeb Heroics Guide
  • Nar Shaddaa Heroics Guide
  • Taris Heroics Guide
  • Tatooine Heroics Guide
  • Tython Heroics Guide

Daily Mission Hubs

  • CZ-198

Flashpoints and Group Content

  • How To Start A Flashpoint

Individual flashpoint guides are coming soon!

Galactic Trade Network

  • Coming soon.


  • Coming soon, after 4.1 changes are live.


  • Buying A Stronghold
  • Buying a Guild Stronghold
  • Donating Decorations To Your Guild
  • How To Make Your Stronghold Look Good

Decoration Guides


Space Missions

Individual guides are coming soon.


  • Coming soon

Titles and Achievements

Roleplaying and Story

  • How To Roleplay
  • The Stories Behind the Server Names
  • Review of Rise of the Hutt Cartel
  • Review of Shadows of Revan
  • Review of KotFE Chapters 1-8
  • The Story Structure of KotFE (coming at the end of the “season”)

Other Star Wars

Star Wars Card Trader

My Sites about Other Games

  • Wurm Online/Unlimited

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