7 Tips for Star Wars Card Trader

Here are seven tips to help you master the Star Wars Card Trader app!

Use the Sort, Luke

The sort feature is easy to overlook and is a powerful tool when you are making trades with other players. Look for the ↑↓ symbol in the upper right corner when you are viewing your own or another player’s cards, and you can filter the cards that are displayed by year and by whether or not you or your trade partner needs them.

When looking at someone else’s cards, sorting by duplicates is a quick way to spot characters that another player is “hoarding,” and the red number on the card will show you if you own duplicates.

Use Search Terms

On your home screen, you can click the Trade icon directly beneath your fan name to view a list of all cards in the game. It’s a huge list, but if you want to view just one set, you’re in luck: there are unique search phrases for each set, although they are not always obvious. The /r/starwarstrader wiki has an extensive list of terms that will pull up individual sets.

Pull Down To Refresh

Pulling downwards on any screen will cause it to refresh. This is particularly useful in the Cantina if you’re waiting for a new pack to drop!


Make Sure the Card is REALLY in Packs

Sometimes a new pack appears and the card that it’s supposed to drop is not in it yet! Credit refunds are usually offered if you bought packs during that time, but it may take several days, and you could miss the card you were trying to pull completely.

Before opening packs for a brand-new release, always look up the card in all cards (on your home screen, click the trade button to view all cards) and see if it’s in packs. When you have the card open, there will be a small icon in the bottom left of a rectangular card pack surrounded by a circle. Clicking on it will show you packs that contain the card. (This icon disappears once a card is “sold out.”)

Trades Are For Talking

Opening a trade is the only way to send a message directly to another player. If you want to trade for a card that’s locked or are just unsure what would be a fair offer, try trading a white card for another copy of itself and leaving a comment to start a conversation.

TapJoy Hints

The “free credits” and “watch to earn” links are powered by by TapJoy, and may pay out more reliably if you install their app (My Tapjoy for iOS, and for Android).  Some TapJoy promotions give more credits per dollar than a direct purchase, but be sure to document it if you’re making a purchase: the credits are not always delivered. Both TapJoy’s app and website give a way to contact their support to claim your reward.

Same Name, Multiple Games!

Your Topps account (or your Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account, if you logged in with those) can be used on every Topps card collecting app, but only if you sign in with your existing fan name before clicking “new fan.” 

Knowing this can also protect you from in-app scams. Many players have installed multiple Topps apps and will offer to trade cards in one app for cards in another. You are assuming a large risk if they ask you to accept the trade first, because they could take your cards and never give you what they promised in the other app. Some people who intend to steal cards this way will claim to be another user in one app to decrease their chances of getting caught. But now that you know that a Topps account can be used in any app, ask questions if you are planning to cross-trade and the user names don’t match up.

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