How To Add (or Remove) a Security Key

Adding a security key (also called an authenticator)to your game account provides additional protection against account theft, access to a special vendor on the fleet, and a free 100 cartel coins every month. Here are detailed instructions.

Adding a Security Key

You will need to have a minute to sit down and the ability to access your email, the website, and your phone. This is a quick process, but it can be confusing! One important thing to keep in mind is that security keys work by generating a unique code that you use once. You do not make up your own password at any point in this process (it’s not like a bank debit card PIN, for example).

IMG_8802Physical keychain security keys are no longer for sale. New security keys are an app that runs on your phone.

First, you’ll need to install “Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key” on an iPhone (download it from the App Store) or an Android phone (download it from Google Play).

Make sure that the time is accurate on the device on which you are installing the security key. It’s used in calculating the codes.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

WinAuth is software that can be used on your desktop computer instead of using the app. It also supports other games, and it can be installed on a USB drive if you need it to be portable.

It is also possible to emulate the Android operating system on your desktop computer, and to run Android apps. I have not installed this myself, but it is a possible solution if you always play on the same computer.

Next, log in to your account on the official site. Leave the “security key” field blank – yours is not set up yet!


Choose “My Account” from the top, and then select “Security Key” on the left menu. Select “Set up a new mobile Security Key”


The website will send a one-time password to the email associated with your account to confirm that you are really the owner. Check your email for this password, and enter it on the website to proceed to the “Set Up Your Security Key” page. (This is not the code that you enter into the app. That’s next!)

Open the app on your phone, and you should see a single input field marked “Activation Code.” This string is like the key to a cipher: it will be how your security key generates numbers that match what the server is expecting, so it is important to type it in exactly.

Enter the serial number from the website into the activation code field. (This is where many people get confused, because they switch terms in the middle of the instructions: serial number = activation code!)


As soon as you enter the serial number, the app will display a security key number that changes every few seconds. It changes every time that the progress bar reaches the left.


Enter the security key code on the website to confirm that your security key is configured correctly.


add_SK_4Hooray! You’ve associated a security key with your account. (While you’re logged in and thinking about making your account secure, check that your security questions are up-to-date too!)

The security key vendor is located on the fleet, and sells some interesting cosmetic items.

The security key cartel coins are granted to everyone at the end of the day on the 15th of the month – they are not included in your monthly grant, and unlike the monthly grant, you do not receive an email. Check your balance on the morning of the 16th!

Removing a Security Key

Because your security key is on your phone, you may need to remove it (my phone recently was serviced, so I had a chance to check these directions…)

Log in to Your Account using your security key.

What if I’ve already lost access to my security key? If you still have access to your associated email address, then you can recover your account without having to contact customer service. Enter your user name and password, but leave the security key field blank: a link titled “Lost Your Security Key?” will be on the next page and you’ll get instructions for what to do if your security key is lost.


Select Security Key from the left menu. “Remove my Security Key” is the only option that appears if your account has an associated security key. Click the big yellow button.

The website will send a one-time password to your email address to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Enter this password when prompted, and you will be able to remove the security key.


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