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You can subscribe to The Old Republic for less than $15 a month. Have you taken advantage of all the one-time offers that your account is eligible for?

And if you don’t like game subscriptions, then there has never been a better time to treat SW:TOR as a one-time RPG purchase. Most of the bundles listed below include subscription time, so they will grant you permanent access to all expansions and all of the chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire released so far, and they do not auto-renew.

Note that most of these offers can only be redeemed once per account.

Use a Referral Link for 7 Free Days

A referral link from the Refer-A-Friend program gives you 7 days of subscriber-level access to the game (although this promotion does not give you access to all of the expansions) and a box of in-game items on each character. Officially, it says that this offer is for accounts that have never subscribed or been subscribed for more than 90 days, but in practice, even if you are already subscribed when you click, you’ll get 7 free days added to your subscription time and the free items.

You can use only one referral link, and it gives the referrer a cartel coin bonus. If you have friends who play, ask them to send you their link from the Refer-A-Friend section of their account on the official website. If you want to get those free days RIGHT NOW, CLICK HERE for an active link. (I promise to spend my fake money on death sticks and twi’lek dancers.)

If you are planning to cancel your subscription so that it does not auto-renew, wait until after this seven day period. There seems to be a bug that may result in the end of your subscription too early, when the trial runs out.

On a New Account, Buy the Original Box

The Star Wars: The Old Republic retail box released to stores in 2011 came with 30 days of included game time. That box is no longer sold on store shelves, and the installation discs are now useless because the game has been updated so much, but the thirty days included can still be yours for less than the cost of a month’s subscription if you hunt down a boxed copy.

These codes are often available on G2A.

At the time I’m writing (January 2016), the original box is still available from Amazon and eligible for Prime shipping.

It also shows up regularly on eBay for even less. Check the listing carefully to make sure that you’re buying an unopened box with an unredeemed code.

TIP: If you just want to make a single purchase to take your free-to-play account to Preferred status, this is your best option. The smallest purchase in the game’s shop is 450 cartel coins for $4.99. Instead, for $7-$10, you’ll get a month’s subscription that includes 500 cartel coins (600 if you add a security key to your account). The supply is limited, so the price of the box will probably increase over time!

When you enter the box code on your account under “Code Redemption” you will need to enter payment information to set up a subscription to get the free 30 days credited to your account. Remember, this code predates the game going free-to-play. You can cancel that subscription before you are charged.

The Amazon Bundle

Amazon has an exclusive bundle of game time and cartel coins. This offer can only be applied to an account once, but it’s a much better deal than paying for a three-month subscription. For $39.99, you receive 90 days of subscription time ($44.99) and 2,400 cartel coins ($19.99). That’s in addition to the cartel coins you get each month when you’re subscribed.

This is easily the best value of all the options listed here, and if you’re going to spend money subscribing, you should apply this bundle to your account.

TIP: The Amazon bundle is the best option if you want to purchase SW:TOR once and play through it like an RPG. Those cartel coins can be used to permanently unlock account features after your subscription expires, and if you are primarily interested in a single-player experience, you won’t mind the restrictions on group content or the slower leveling speed (you’ll catch up by doing side quests).

The Origin Bundle

Origin also offers a value bundle that’s slightly smaller than the Amazon bundle, called the Deluxe Pack in the Origin store. Like the Amazon bundle, it can only be applied to each account once.

It usually costs $29.99, the same price as a 60-day subscription, but it includes 1,050 cartel coins ($9.99 separately) and a pet in addition to 60 days of game time. It sometimes goes on sale, particularly during “Black Friday” game sales in late November, when it’s been seen as low as $20.

Buy Game Codes at a Discount

You can buy time codes and cartel coin packages for less than the list price at G2A. The price varies, but you can often find a 60-day card for less than the cost of subscribing through the website. You may also find some other unique promotional codes for sale – like the Tauntaun mount and outfit that was included with Star Wars: Battlefront.

You may feel reluctant to buy game time codes from a third party, but G2A guarantees that you’ll receive a valid code, and I’ve always had a successful transaction. (If you are wondering how legitimate codes enter the market at a discount, there’s a writeup here.)

What I Don’t Recommend:

After ten years of MMORPG experience, I never choose the longer duration recurring subscription. Saving $2 a month is a very small amount compared to losing $70 if you stop playing and forget that you’re subscribed until you see the charge on your bank account. The number one way to save money on any game subscription is to cancel it BEFORE you stop using it! When you aren’t thinking about the game, you are likely to forget that the charge is coming.

 You can see when you will next be billed on your account under “Subscription.” Set a reminder on your digital calendar of choice for the day before your subscription renews. If you haven’t logged on daily, cancel it. You can subscribe again when you next sit down to play, and your account will be instantly upgraded.

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