Using a Companion Gift in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Zero to Hero: How To Raise Companion Influence Quickly

Influence now controls how effective your companions are at both combat and crafting. This guide will show you how to boost a companion from Rank 1 to Rank 20 influence in approximately 30 minutes.

Updated with Patch 4.0.2 changes (November 17, 2015).

Patch 4.0 to Star Wars: The Old Republic replaced companion “Affection” with a new value, “Influence,” which controls how well your companions both fight and craft. Each rank of influence gives you a bonus to presence when that companion is summoned, making them better at their current combat role.

Each rank of influence also makes your companion faster at crew skills (+1.5% time efficiency per rank) and have a higher critical chance (+0.5% critical chance per rank). After following this guide, a brand-new companion will have a higher bonus to all crew skill missions than any companion had to their best crew skills prior to Patch 4.0.  If you are running crew skill missions regularly, it is worth raising the rank of as many companions as you have crew skill slots; the critical successes you’ll get will pay for it.

Like affection, you can raise influence quickly by giving companion gifts. You’ll encounter companion gifts as world drops and you can collect them through crew skills. However, because low-rank gifts are inexpensive, it’s economically efficient to give a new companion a head start by purchasing companion gifts from a vendor, and to save your better companion gifts for later use.

Unlock “Legacy of Altruism”

The Legacy bonus “Legacy of Altruism” can be completely unlocked for 90,000 credits and will make companion gifts 30% more effective on this character. Because companion gifts are your primary way of gaining influence and this unlock applies to all of your companions, it pays for itself.

Budget Path: if you are short on funds and only leveling one companion, skip the legacy unlock for now and keep reading.

The Legacy Window

Open the Legacy Panel by pressing Y.

Select the Character Perks subsection.

Legacy of Altruism is the first row in the “Companion” column, on the right.

  • Legacy of Altruism 1 requires Legacy level 2 to unlock with credits, and costs 10,000 credits.
  • Legacy of Altruism 2 requires Legacy level 5 and costs 30,000 credits.
  • Legacy of Altruism 3 requires Legacy level 8, and costs 50,000 credits.

If you do not have the required Legacy level or the credits, then each tier can be unlocked for 25 cartel coins.

If you have the resources, Legacy of Persuasion provides a similar boost to conversations and has the same unlock costs. It will help you raise companion influence in the long term, but you do not need it to follow this guide.

Find a Companion Gift Vendor

Companion Gift Vendor

The most cost-efficient way to boost a companion’s influence rank is to buy Rank 1 premium (green) gifts from a “Companion Gifts Vendor” for credits.

There is a companion gifts vendor located on both the Republic and Imperial fleets in the Galactic Trade Market section. The Republic vendor is named Teintonja.

Gift Vendor

The Imperial vendor is named Tahoota. On both fleets, there is a second companion gifts vendor who sells Rank 5 gifts for data crystals; you’ll need them later.



There are also companion gifts vendors on both capital planets.

On Coruscant, the companion gifts vendor is a twi’lek named Otoforli, in the Crew Skills and Supplies area of the Senate Commercial District (underneath the Senate Plaza).

On Dromund Kaas, the companion gifts vendor is named Vari’kalwes, and he has a stall just north of the mailbox in Kaas City.

If your character has leveled up his or her crew skills then you may be able to gather higher rank companion gifts. These will give a large influence boost to a new companion, but because low rank gifts stop giving influence as your companion levels up, high rank gifts are in demand for high rank companions. On most servers, you will end up with a companion of a higher level if you sell gifts above Rank 1, or gifts that are not “Loved,” on the Galactic Trade Network and use the proceeds to buy a larger number of “loved” Rank 1 gifts from the vendor.

Buy Rank 1 “Loved” Gifts

This guide assumes that you are starting with a new companion who is at 0 influence. If you have gained any influence from quests, you will need fewer gifts.

With Legacy of Altruism, you’ll need a total of  458 Rank 1 gifts to reach Level 20 influence. That’s 4 stacks of 99, and a stack of 62, for a total cost of 91,600 credits. Without Legacy of Altruism, you’ll need to buy more.

Use any Rank 1 gifts of the appropriate type that you have gathered now (save higher ranks for later).

The vendor sells Rank 2 premium (green) gifts as well, but those cost three times as much without yielding three times as much influence. Rank 1 gifts are your  best option to get a quick boost to your companion’s performance. As you can see, the benefits are immediate:

How Many Gifts?

Total Gifts Final Influence Rank Presence Bonus Crew Skill Results Crew Skill Speed
16 5 +250 +2.5% critical chance 7.5% more efficient
72 10 +500 +5% critical chance 15% more efficient
196 15 +750 +7.5% critical chance 22.5% more efficient
458 20 +1000 +10% critical chance 30% more efficient

Budget Path: It costs less than 4,000 credits to get your companion to Rank 5, even without the legacy unlock. It’s worth visiting the companion gifts vendor and spending whatever you can afford, even if you are just getting started in the game.

The tables below list only one type of loved gift for each companion, because they are designed for quick reference when you are at a vendor and have a choice of gift types. Each companion will accept other gift types, but these are the gift types that give the largest influence gain. 

Some companions have no loved gift. These companions are marked in blue, and  the gift listed is the best that you can buy them, but they will gain less influence per gift and will be more expensive to rank up.  This was corrected in Patch 4.0.2!

“What Gift Do I Buy For…”

Republic Companions

Jedi Knight

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
T7-01 Technology Holoviewer
Kira Carsen Republic Memorabilia Republic History Holo
Doc Luxury Small Gemstone
Sgt. Rusk Military Gear Survival Gear
Lord Scourge Trophy Vrblther Skull

Jedi Consular

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
Qyzen Fess Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Tharan Luxury Small Gemstone
 Zenith Military Gear Survival Gear
 Iresso Trophy Vrblther Skull
 Nadia Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite


Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Corso Riggs Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Bowdaar Luxury Small Gemstone
Risha Luxury Small Gemstone
 Akaavi Military Gear Survival Gear
Guss Tuno Underworld Good Underworld Rumor Sheet


Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Aric  Weapon Ammunition Belt
Elara Imperial Memorabilia Imperial history Holo
 M1-4X Technology Holoviewer
 Tanno Underworld Good Underworld Rumor Sheet
Yuun Technology Holoviewer

Imperial Companions

Sith Warrior

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
Vette  Underworld Good Underworld Rumor Sheet
Malavi Quinn Imperial Memorabilia Imperial History Holo
Jaesa (Light Side) Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
Jaesa (Dark Side)  Weapon Ammunition Belt
Pierce  Weapon Ammunition Belt
Broonmark Trophy Vrblther Skull

Sith Inquisitor

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Khem Val  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
 Andronikos  Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Ashara  Rep Memorabilia Republic History Holo
Talos  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
Xalek Weapon Ammunition Belt

*Ashara is the most difficult companion in the game to rank up if you do not have an active romance storyline; she only “likes” the gift listed.

Imperial Agent

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
Kaliyo Weapon Ammunition Belt
Vector Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
Doctor Lokin Technology Holoviewer
Raina Temple Imp Memorabilia Imperial History Holo
SCORPIO Technology Holoviewer

Bounty Hunter

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Mako Technology Holoviewer
 Gault  Luxury Small Gemstone
 Torian Trophy Vrblther Skull
 Blizz Technology Holoviewer
 Skadge  Weapon Ammunition Belt


Special Companions

Droid Companions

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 C2-N2  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
 2V-R8  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
 HK-51 Military Gear Survival Kit

Cartel Market Companions

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Treek  Technology Holoviewer
 Akk Dog*  Military Gear Survival Gear

*The Akk Dog only likes military gear; he loves the Delicacies/Artwork category of companion gifts, but it is not available from the Rank 1 gift vendor. Although the influence gain is much less (400 gifts got mine to level 12), you will still save money by buying him a big stack of military gear because delicacies are only available at endgame and expensive.

Knights of the Fallen Empire:
Main Characters

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Koth Vortena  Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Lana Beniko  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
 SCORPIO  Technology Holoviewer
 Senya Tirall  Luxury Small Gemstone
 T7-01  Technology Holoviewer
Theron Shan Technology Holoviewer

Knights of the Fallen Empire:
Chapter 8 Recruits

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Eckard Lokin  Technology Holoviewer
 Qyzen Fess  Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Talos Drellik  Cultural Artifact Polished Meteorite
 Xalek  Weapon Ammunition Belt
 Yuun  Technology Holoviewer
Nico Okarr Underworld Good Underworld Rumor Sheet
M1-4X Republic Memorabilia Republic History Holo
Major Pierce Weapon Ammunition Belt

Knights of the Fallen Empire:
Star Fortress Recruits

Companion Gift Category Rank 1 Gift
 Choza Rabbat Republic Memorabilia Republic History Holo
“Deadeye” Leyta Military Gear Survival Gear
Hemdil Tre Technology Holoviewer
 K’krohl Underworld Good Underworld Rumor Sheet
Rokuss Trophy Vrblther Skull
Veeroa Denz Weapon Ammunition Belt


Giving Gifts

Once you’ve bought multiple stacks of gifts, put on some music or a podcast: because you can only give companion gifts one at a time, and there is a three second cast time, it will take you about twenty minutes to give your companion all of these.

If you are flush with credits, you can buy Rank 2 gifts from the same vendor instead. You will spend more in-game money but spend less time clicking.

Using a Companion Gift in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The amount of influence that you gain from a Rank 1 gift decreases every five companion ranks. At companion rank 20, a Rank 1 Gift will only yield 33 influence, and it’s time to switch to higher rank gifts.

What Next?


You can also gain influence with companions by running missions with them if they are a companion that is scripted to participate in the mission conversations. The first class companion that you acquire (and only the first companion, the one that developers assumed you would be using when you encountered it) can be boosted by running The Esseles or Black Talon flashpoint, and choosing the conversation options that he/she prefers. If you are a new player or short on credits, then this is an alternative way to build influence quickly if you don’t mind repetition.

While you can no longer lose progress on a companion by making a choice that they don’t like (unlike affection, influence will never be negative), companions do still give you more influence for making choices that fit their values.  (This seems to contradict the initial announcement about the influence system, which specifically identified picking the answer that your companion wants to hear over what your character would normally do as one of the things they wanted to correct…) Each companion’s Holonet entry on the official website will give you clues as to what conversation choices they like. For example, a run of Esseles on solo mode with Corso Riggs resulted in 4400 influence gained when I talked tough and rescued the Ambassador – because he likes “protecting the weak, being nice to ladies, punishing bad guys.” When my smuggler was true to herself, she only gained 2000 influence.

Here is a guide to the conversation choices that each of the companions like best, by Psynister. Keep it open while you run your faction’s version of the flashpoint, and select the numbers indicated, for maximum influence gain.

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