How to Access the Public Test Server

The public test server is not always available, but when it is you have a unique opportunity to help hunt down bugs before a patch goes live! You can also earn cool titles — like “the First Line of Defense” for leveling a new character to level 10.

Check the official forums to see if the public test server is active. 

From the launcher, select the Settings button (shaped like a gear).


Under Settings, enable public test server access.


Click Save. Now log in, and once the Play button is lit, you will now see a forked arrow icon that lets you select an environment. Click it and select Public Test.


Now you will have a long download as the test client is installed: it’s as big as the regular game. The test server is worth it – in addition to providing a valuable community service by finding flaws in the patch, you will know what’s about to change on the live servers before it happens, and whether you’re crafting, ruling the GTN, or playing warzones, that advance knowledge will give you an edge.

You can start a new character, or transfer your existing characters to the test server.

Remember: the test server will be taken down and any progress you make there will be lost!

Warning: when the 4.3 test server went up, players were cautioned not to use start-at-60 tokens. We can infer that if you use account-wide tokens on the test server, they may be deducted from your account and permanently lost.

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