What Are Companion Gifts?

Gifts are the primary way to raise companion influence.

Our companions are extremely limited in their love languages! The quickest way to raise influence rank is through companion gift items. A companion with higher influence will be better at combat, faster at crafting, and have a higher chance to get a critical success on crew skill missions.

When you mouse over a companion gift, you will see a lot of information on the item tooltip:

Gift tooltip on mouseover.

The item tooltip will either tell you that you will gain “no influence,” or  that your companion’s reaction will be a “small,” “moderate,” or “large” influence gain.

How much influence your companion gains from a gift is based on the following factors:

  • The gift rank,
  • The gift rarity,
  • Your companion’s reaction to that gift type,
  • Your legacy unlocks.

Each factor is discussed in more detail below.

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Companion Gift Reaction Changes in 4.0.2

In Patch 4.0.2, companions’ reactions to gifts have been changed so that every companion in the game “loves” at least one gift. This is a list of the changes (taken from TOR Community’s database), and I am spending today changing the individual companion guides so that you can look up companion gifts in whichever format you like best!

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