Imperial Agent Companion Guide

During their class story (levels 1-50), Imperial Agents meet five companions.  This guide will tell you how to raise their influence rank so that they are more effective in combat and get a bonus to crew skill missions.

Updated with Patch 4.0.2 changes (November 17, 2015).

To recruit these companions, just play through your class story missions. Your companions will be the same for both the Sniper and the Operative advanced classes.

Imperial Agents may also recruit ship droids and HK-51, cartel market companions, and after level 60, Knights of the Fallen Empire main characters, alliance recruits, and Star Fortress recruits.

The most effective use of each gift type for an Imperial Agent:

Are you trying to decide what to do with a gift that you just received as a random drop? This chart shows which of your companions will gain the largest amount of influence from a gift because they “love” or “favorite” it.

Gift Type Companion
Weapon  Kaliyo, SCORPIO
Military Gear  Raina, Lokin
Courting ❤ Raina, ❤ Vector
Luxury ❤ Kaliyo, ♡ Kaliyo, Lokin
Technology  Lokin, SCORPIO
Republic Memorabilia  *
Imperial Memorabilia Raina, Lokin, Vector
Cultural Artifact Vector
Trophy Kaliyo
Underworld Good  Kaliyo
Consumable/Maintenance  SCORPIO
Artwork/Delicacies Kaliyo

*None of your class companions “love” or “favorite” this gift type. 

If you are leveling multiple classes simultaneously, or have recruited other companions, then click here for a guide on how to use gifts efficiently that includes all companions. It may make sense to mail the gift to one of your other characters. Otherwise, sell or trade these gifts to get a type that your companion likes better.

Gift Preferences

Companion names are linked to their page on the official website, where you will find a short biography of each character.

“Love” gifts give the highest influence gain, “Favorite” gifts give a medium amount of influence gain, and “Like” gives only a small amount of influence. Gift rank and rarity also affect how much influence your companion gets from each gift.

Kaliyo Djannis

Love  Underworld Good
❤ Luxury
Favorite  Artwork/Delicacies
♡ Luxury
Like Military Gear

❤ = Romance storyline active; ♡ = Romance storyline not active

Vector Hyllus

Love  Cultural Artifact
Favorite  Imperial Memorabilia
❤ Courting
Like  Delicacies/Artwork

❤ = Romance storyline active; ♡ = Romance storyline not active

Doctor Lokin

Love Imperial Memorabilia
Favorite Luxury
Military Gear
Like Republic Memorabilia
Underworld Good

Ensign Raina Temple

Love ❤  Courting
Imperial Memorabilia
Favorite  Military Gear
Like ♡  Courting
Republic Memorabilia

❤ = Romance storyline active; ♡ = Romance storyline not active


Love Technology
Favorite Weapon
Like Cultural Artifact
Military Gear


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