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Updated 3/27/2016! 

In  addition to the codes listed here, be sure to check the “Pack Store” section of “The Market” regularly. On Tuesdays the Fan’s Choice insert series is available for free, and there is currently a free laser burst set, with one card available per day. 

The following promo code rewards a red pack, and was given away at the 2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con. It can be used twice per account. Enter this code at the Star Wars Card Trader Redemption Page on the official Topps website. The free cards or packs will appear in your bulletin the next time that you open the app.

  • SVCC2016

Free Digital Cards are in Real Card Packs!

Look for additional codes in physical packs of 2016 Topps Star Wars cards! There are inserts with codes that give a free pack and master access when redeemed, and if you’re very lucky, you will find rarer insert cards with a scratch-off code on the back that give you the same insert in game.

Note that the codes included in 2015 card packs have expired, so be sure to buy 2016 card boxes if you are hunting digital cards (“Force Awakens Series 2”).

The codes below are no longer valid.

From the game’s subreddit: all of the promotional codes for The Force Awakens are still active, and the packs now reward 2016 cards. This is a great way to jump-start your collection if you are a new player, but no one knows how long the codes will remain valid, so act now!

  • premiere1218
  • toppstfa1218
  • alamotfa

Eight codes that reward individual cards with scenes from the movie trailer were given away at Disney Stores on “Force Friday,” 2015.



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