Troubleshooting Star Wars Card Trader

Is Star Wars Card Trader running slowly, displaying cards you know you have traded away, or crashing when you try to load the pending trades screen? Some basic maintenance will usually solve the app’s sluggishness.

Some of these steps will log you out of the app. Make sure that you remember your password if you signed up with an email address (or see instructions here about resetting it). 

First, is your storage full?

Is your phone storage at capacity? I can report from personal experience that this may cause the app to run slowly, stop displaying new transmissions and cards, and that a complete lack of space eventually causes iPhones to act very strangely (…also, life tip, never give a three-year-old an app that generates huge videos).

Clearing the cache of downloaded images (see below) will get you space back temporarily, but you may need to remove other things from your phone to make room for SWCT to run.

Clear your Cache

Deleting stored data will usually cure slow app performance.

On Apple devices (iOS):

  • Click on the menu icon (three lines) in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Settings
  • Click “Empty” next to Cache.

On Android devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Application Manager
  • Find Star Wars Card Trader, and Clear Cache

Deleting the app, powering your device on and off, and then reinstalling the app will also clear out all local data.

Contact Topps Support

If you are still experiencing problems (particularly you are get a “similar device error” after factory resetting your device), you will need to contact Topps for technical support so that they can look at your account data on their servers.

By email, contact Topps at

You can also use their Zendesk website to submit a ticket.

And if you’re on Twitter, try contacting @ToppsJer, a Topps employee who will often respond to resolve unusual problems!

Contact TapJoy support for “free credit” problems…

All problems with TapJoy offers (“free credits”) should go to TapJoy support, not Topps. You can contact them through the SWCT app, through the My TapJoy app if you have it installed, or through their website.

The particular problem of “ghost” cards…

In the specific situation that you know you own a card, but it doesn’t appear, ask another player if they can see it on your account. If they can, find someone who also has the card to help you – trading the bugged card for a copy of itself may resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, this problem can also happen the other way around – if you think you have all of the cards for an award but did not receive it, you may not really have one of the cards that is displaying in your collection. Be very careful to keep track of your trades as award deadlines approach.

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