Mission Log: Disavowed Force Field Puzzle

In Chapter XI of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you must pass a force field (progressive hints, behind spoiler tags, after the jump).

Hint #1

Do you see the colored cables coming out of the doorway?

Hint #2

There are a total of four power coupling panels (the yellow cable splits). You must follow the cables to them and destroy the panels to lower the forcefield.

The forcefield lowered for me when I had destroyed three of the panels. The panel from the green cable was not clickable. There have been other reports of no panels being clickable, in which case you need to exit the area and reset the instance, so I’m not certain if this was intended.

Full Walkthrough

Facing the force field, go to your right. On the southernmost side of the bunker, at map coordinates (3581, -284), look up. You will see a power coupling. The second power coupling is on the southeastern corner of the bunker, at coordinates (3602, -284). Continue around the bunker, and go down the ramp extending from the north side of the bunker. There is a panel underneath the platform. The final power coupling can be found at coordinates (3443, -303). Backtrack across the bridge, go directly east, and then look behind the box with the power transformer model. (You would have to hop down and go under the platform to follow the cables.)


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