Decoration Guide: Ziost Blooming Bud

To get the Blooming Bud, you’ll need to use a character who is at least level 60 and playing through Ziost for the first time. And you’ll need to know some secrets, even if you investigate every mission marker: one step is extremely buggy.

Potted Plant: Blooming Bud

The Stronghold decoration Potted Plant: Blooming Bud is the reward for completing the achievement Dead On, which is only possible while you are playing through the Ziost missions – it is awarded for completing three bonus missions to the story mission Dead Center.

Ziost achievements are easy to miss, and has a full walkthrough. However, since Ziost contains some fun puzzles and story twists, I’ve assembled this guide so that you can check your progress towards Dead On without encountering spoilers.

Consult the steps below once you get to the People’s Tower Plaza map and are on the quest Dead Center.

Your quest objective...

…is simply to enter the tower, but two of the three missions are completed outside. 


Before entering the story phase, make sure that you have completed two achievements, I Want To Fly Fast and Time To Move.

I Want To Fly Fast

When you first enter the map, you will be near a mission marker over the dead body of Orten Theb. Take his key to start the mission On the House. The quest objectives will lead you along pretty well if you follow your map markers, but if you need it, a full walkthrough is here on

Time To Move

There are civilians hiding from most groups of possessed soldiers. If you have not freed a civilian while killing mobs during I Want To Fly Fast, then the quest is currently bugged.

You will need to go out of your way to the single mob that is working properly. As you head up the stairs to the People’s Tower, take a sharp left. Beside a grouping of cafe tables, a Possessed Sith Warrior (strong) and a Possessed Imperial Pilot are choking a single civilian.

Ziost Civilian

As of November 2015, the only way to complete this achievement was to kill this group five times. The respawn timer is five minutes.


When you are inside the People’s Tower story phase, you will complete Shut Them Down.

Shut Them Down

When you first enter the tower, take a sharp right and you will find several possessed mobs standing over a body that you can interact with. The body has no mission marker, but it will give you a straightforward mission, Dead-End Security, which you complete by clicking four Interior Turret Checkpoint Shutdown items on the walls of Level 1 and Level 2 of the tower.


You will complete the achievement Dead On on Level 2 of the tower, and you’ll unlock 50 blooming buds, enough to fill your stronghold.

Are you stuck trying to get to Level 3?

Remember how you got up the broken elevator: you only have to make one jump, from the statue to the center. You don’t have to cross the cables.


As you leave Ziost, you can buy Potted Plant: Lifeless Bud from the Ziost Heritage Vendor on the GSI station. This similar decoration is an excellent complement in large groupings.

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