Getting Started With Conquest

Conquest is a system by which guilds conquer planets, and participation rewards materials integral to crafting endgame schematics. It’s also a great way to jump-start your finances on a new server. This is a guide to your first conquest week.

There is a new, themed planetary conquest event each week, which changes which planets can be conquered and how players earn points. Conquest events start on Tuesday morning, and run through the weekend. Guild leaders can choose which planet to invade from their guild flagship controls. The planet chosen will give a bonus to conquest missions related to that planet.

There are many detailed listings online of which conquest events are coming up and which missions earn points towards each. Unless you are a guild leader choosing a planet, you don’t need to worry about this information. You will be able to see which missions give bonus points from your Conquest Panel.

You can participate in a conquest event even if you are not in a guild, or your guild does not own a flagship. You cannot conquer a planet, but you can get the personal reward.

Click L to bring up your Mission log, and the Conquest Panel is the second tab:

conquest window 2

Objectives are missions that you can complete to earn points. The conquest system is designed to encourage you to explore new areas of the game. If you have never tried warzones, Galactic Starfighter, operations, or crafting, think of your personal conquest reward as an extra enticement to see if you like them. There are also enough missions in each conquest to meet your personal goal without doing things that you know you dislike.

Missions that are related to the planet your guild is invading have numbers in green. The planetary bonus is already included in the number that you see.

You also get a bonus based on how many strongholds you own and if you have decorated them. Four fully-unlocked and 100% completion strongholds will give you a 25% bonus each, and thus double your points (a 100% bonus). After Patch 4.3 (March 2016) you can now own many more of the “basic” decorations, so go to your stronghold and place Felusia Stato, the decorations merchant that you are given in the introductory strongholds quest, and fill your hooks with 250 and 500 credit decorations. The stronghold bonus is applied before the invasion bonus (see Dulfy’s analysis), so if you have both bonuses, you may receive fewer points than you expect.

When you meet your “personal goal” (20,000 – 50,000 points, depending on the conquest that is active), you will immediately receive your rewards for the week. These are:

  • Gathering Lockbox that contains three stronghold decorations which are functioning gathering nodes. These are not bound, so if you do not want them, you can sell them.
  • 15 Scavenged Scrap, which can be traded to jawa vendors for green crafting materials or green artwork/delicacy and maintenance/consumable companion gifts, which can usually be sold for more than any of the crafting materials.
  • 10 Assorted Droid Parts, which can be traded to jawa vendors for blue crafting materials or companion gifts of the two new categories.
  • A single Strategic Resource Matrix, a required ingredient for crafting endgame gear. It is only available from the conquest event. If you are not a crafter, you can sell this.
  • An item that can be sold for an additional 25,000 credits, although this is insignificant when compared to the value of the other items on most servers.

The points earned by every member of a guild are added together to make the guild score. The top ten guilds for each planet appear in the leaderboard section of the Conquest window. Why some guilds appear to be from a different server is one of SWTOR’s little mysteries: these server names have never been used and we can only assume that they reflect something about the internal ordering of the game. You are, in fact, only competing with guilds on your own server.

At the very end of the conquest period, members of the guild in first place get a title for conquering the planet and some cool perks while on the planet, which they keep until the planet comes up in the rotating conquest targets again. And all of the members of Top 10 guilds who met their personal conquest goal get additional rewards:

  • A second Gathering Lockbox, with three additional stronghold decorations.
  • 10 Jawa Junk, which can be traded to a jawa vendor for purple crafting materials or companion gifts.
  • Encryptions used to unlock the guild flagship.

Good luck!

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