Companion Gift Reaction Changes in 4.0.2

In Patch 4.0.2, companions’ reactions to gifts have been changed so that every companion in the game “loves” at least one gift. This is a list of the changes (taken from TOR Community’s database), and I am spending today changing the individual companion guides so that you can look up companion gifts in whichever format you like best!

This is a tremendous step towards the developers’ goal of letting you play with the companion that you like, because you will no longer have companions like Ashara Zavros who are significantly more expensive to raise influence with. It also resolves some odd discrepancies in the system (such as Qyzen changing his gift reactions when you recruit him to your alliance).  My fingers are crossed that courting gifts also work properly after this patch!

The following companion reactions have changed (note that not all companions have changed):

▼Most changes are an increase in influence gained from a gift type. The exceptions are marked with this down arrow.

RepublicJedi Consular

  • Qyzen loves weapons before and after you recruit him to your alliance (previously “favorite” for leveling consulars)
  • Qyzen favorites military gear before you recruit him to your alliance (previously “like” for leveling consulars)
  • Zenith loves military gear (previously “like”)
  • Zenith favorites underworld goods (previously “like”)
  • Zenith no longer gains any influence from Imperial Memorabilia ▼ (previously his loved gift)

Jedi Knight

  • Kira loves Republic Memorabilia (previously “like”)
  • Kira likes technology (previously “favorite”) ▼
  • Doc favorites cultural artifacts (previously “like”)
  • Doc loves luxury for all players (previously only if courted)
  • Doc likes Republic Memorabilia.
  • Doc no longer gains influence from weapons. ▼After 4 years of sewing you back up, can you blame him?


  • Corso Riggs favorites luxury if romanced (previously “like”)
  • Bowdaar favorites cultural artifacts (previously “love”)▼
  • Bowdaar favorites delicacies (listed on the GTN as “artwork”)
  • Bowdaar loves trophies (previously favorite)
  • Risha loves luxury even if not romanced.
  • Akaavi loves military gear (previously “favorite”)
  • Akaavi loves trophies (previously “favorite”)
  • Akaavi favorites weapons (previously “love”)▼
  • Guss favorites courting (previously “like”)
  • Guss loves Republic Memorabilia (previously “like”)
  • Guss likes Technology (previously “favorite”)


  • Aric Jorgan favorites delicacies (listed on the GTN as “artwork”)
  • Elara Dorne loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously “like”)
  • Elara Dorne favorites military gear (previously “like”)
  • Elara Dorne loves Republic memorabilia (previously “like”)
  • M1-4X favorites military gear (previously “like”)
  • Tanno Vic loves delicacies (“artwork”)
  • Tanno Vic favorites military gear (previously “like”)
  • Yuun favorites cultural artifacts (previously “love”)▼

ImperialSith Inquisitor

  • Ashara favorites cultural artifacts for all players (previously only if romanced)
  • Ashara loves Republic memorabilia for all players (previously only if romanced)
  • Talos loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously “favorite”)
  • Xalek favorites trophies (previously “like”)

Sith Warrior

  • Jaesa Willsaam (Light) loves cultural artifacts (previously “favorite”)
  • Jaesa Willsaam (Light) favorites military gear (previously “like”)
  • Jaesa Willsaam (Light) loves Republic Memorabilia (previously “favorite”)
  • Malavi Quinn loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously “favorite”)
  • Malavi Quinn loves military gear (previously “favorite”)
  • Lt. Pierce loves delicacies (listed on the GTN as “artwork”)
  • Lt. Pierce favorites trophies (previously “like”)

Imperial Agent

  • Kaliyo Djannis favorites delicacies (listed on the GTN as “artwork”)(previously “indifferent”)
  • Kaliyo Djannis loves underworld goods (previously “favorite”)
  • Dr. Lokin loves imperial memorabilia (previously “like”)

Bounty Hunter

  • Torian Cadera loves military gear (previously “Favorite”)
  • Skadge favorites military gear (previously “Like”)

Other companions

  • HK-51 loves military gear (previously “like”)
  • Koth Vortena loves weapons (previously “like”)
  • Darth Marr loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously indifferent)
  • Veeroa Denz loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously “like”)
  • Veeroa Denz likes trophies (previously “favorite”)
  • Veeroa Denz loves underworld goods (previously indifferent)
  • K’krohl loves luxury (previously “indifferent”)
  • K’krohl likes military gear (previously “favorite”)▼
  • K’krohl favorites weapons (previously “love”)▼
  • Hemdil Tre loves Imperial Memorabilia (previously “indifferent”)
  • Hemdil Tre loves Republic Memorabilia (previously “indifferent”)
  • Hemdil Tre favorites technology (previously “love”)▼

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