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Cartel Market Certificates

Cartel Market Certificates are a special currency that dropped from cartel packs released between 2013 and 2015. Like jawa junk, it was meant to remove some of the random element from cartel pack drops and to give players their choice of rewards. Certificates could be redeemed for stronghold decorations at the vendor in the stronghold area of the fleet, or redeemed for even more exclusive rewards at the reputation vendors in the cartel area of the fleet. (These reputations were raised with items that also dropped in cartel packs.)

When cartel packs were revised in Game Update 4.0, the certificates were removed. The vendors are still there, but acquiring the currency has gotten a lot harder.

How can new players get cartel market certificates?

Try your luck on a slot machine. The slot machine stronghold decorations still drop cartel market certificates, but the rate is incredibly low following a nerf to the drop rate.

Your other option is to buy and open old packs. Packs can be listed on the GTN unopened, although retired packs are usually expensive. The following groups of packs have a rare chance to contain cartel market certificates:

  • Stronghold
  • Starfighter
  • Bounty
  • Contraband

If you are looking for certificates because you want to buy decorations or personnel for your stronghold, look for these items on the GTN. They are not bound and can be sold after they are bought. If none are listed, ask in trade chat and on your server’s community forums for players who have unused certificates banked somewhere who would buy the decoration you want and sell it to you.

Hopefully there will be an alternate way to get either the certificates or the decorations in the future!

The “Cannot See Target” bug and Ambient Noise Machines

The ambient machine stronghold decorations seem to be experiencing an intermittent error where they sometimes cannot be activated, giving “Cannot see Target” as the error message.

swtor 2016-01-30 21-44-05-34

There has not yet been an official acknowledgement of the bug, although there are multiple reports both on the official forums and TOR Decorating. 

If you are experiencing it, try another hook. I was eventually able to find a hook where my Ambient Machine: Techlab could be activated. If a hook is bugged, then that entire hook layout seems to be affected, no matter which layout you choose. It’s unfortunate that we are so restricted in placing a decoration that already looks intrusive and offers little in return; I would prefer it if these defaulted to “on” and were a little bit louder.

If you are experiencing this bug, please leave a comment with which hooks work and don’t work in your stronghold, and perhaps we can figure out the pattern and pass it on to the bug team! :)