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Squid Head and Squidface

This week, Star Wars Card Trader released a card featuring “Squidface.” It was corrected later that night to “Squid Head,” the name they’ve used previously for this character.


(Error image originally tweeted by SWCT_Info.)

All of the cards in trader’s inventories updated when the image was changed on the servers, and this proves  an important point about digital trading cards: there are no “error cards.” In real card collecting, misprints and mistakes create rare collectibles. Here, cards in “your” collection can be corrected or changed at any time. Food for thought! Digital “property” has its downsides…

Star Wars Card Trader: The Legends Set

The Legends set is given away during the tutorial of Star Wars Card Trader, starting with Yoda. You’ll get additional cards each day as inserts in your free starter packs. However, when the free packs end, you may find yourself asking…

How do I get Legends Han, R2-D2, and Darth Maul?

Unfortunately, these cards have been bugged since the end of 2015, and are not being given to new players. You’ll have to trade for them if you want to complete the set, and it will be difficult, because most existing copies are in the hands of people who only have one copy themselves and have a complete set that they don’t want to split apart.

Although it was meant to be a part of tutorial, this is now a goal that will take more time. We can only hope that Topps resolves it soon.

SWCT: Why do people want 100 white cards?

Many traders in Star Wars Card Trader are trying to acquire 100 (or 101) of Season 3 white base cards since Topps introduced the gold meld/shred in February 2016.

Edit: Topps changed the requirements for the gold meld as Season 3 concluded, and the base cards are now in Season 4. Months later, this post is just a historical slice of life in the app. :)

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Story Thoughts on the Prequels

The prequels can be an endless topic of discussion for Star Wars fans because those of us who think they’re not as good as they could be each have our own list of what we’d do differently, from an ideal movie viewing order to cutting cringeworthy scenes.

Here’s my shower thought on the prequels: what if The Phantom Menace hadn’t been part of the trilogy? What if we had a trilogy of movies spanning the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and Phantom Menace was a prequel to that?

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Star Wars Card Trader

As a detour (de-TOR?) from The Old Republic, I’ve spent my holiday travel playing Star Wars Card Trader, an app game from Topps in which you collect and trade virtual cards.

If your interest in SWTOR has survived this long, then I know that you like Star Wars enough to tolerate gambling boxes and (occasional) hilarious gaffes in game administration. This is a brief introduction to the app. (Updated on January 15th, 2016 for the launch of “Series 3” cards.)

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