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Story Thoughts on the Prequels

The prequels can be an endless topic of discussion for Star Wars fans because those of us who think they’re not as good as they could be each have our own list of what we’d do differently, from an ideal movie viewing order to cutting cringeworthy scenes.

Here’s my shower thought on the prequels: what if The Phantom Menace hadn’t been part of the trilogy? What if we had a trilogy of movies spanning the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and Phantom Menace was a prequel to that?

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The “Cannot See Target” bug and Ambient Noise Machines

The ambient machine stronghold decorations seem to be experiencing an intermittent error where they sometimes cannot be activated, giving “Cannot see Target” as the error message.

swtor 2016-01-30 21-44-05-34

There has not yet been an official acknowledgement of the bug, although there are multiple reports both on the official forums and TOR Decorating. 

If you are experiencing it, try another hook. I was eventually able to find a hook where my Ambient Machine: Techlab could be activated. If a hook is bugged, then that entire hook layout seems to be affected, no matter which layout you choose. It’s unfortunate that we are so restricted in placing a decoration that already looks intrusive and offers little in return; I would prefer it if these defaulted to “on” and were a little bit louder.

If you are experiencing this bug, please leave a comment with which hooks work and don’t work in your stronghold, and perhaps we can figure out the pattern and pass it on to the bug team! :)

Courting Gift Fix Coming

On the official bug report forum, they have finally confirmed that courting gifts are not working properly under the influence system, and that a fix is scheduled for Game Update 4.1. Our romance-storyline companions should be interested in the courting gift category again by Valentine’s Day.

Courting gifts have been largely useless for the past few months, and that’s made them cheap. If you are following the romance storyline on any of your characters, buy gifts now to use or sell after 4.1, when they will again give the highest level of influence gain to multiple companions.

If you plan to romance companions, wait until after 4.1 to start Knights of the Fallen Empire: they are also promising a fix for the situation where romances are not recognized in the new content, but it won’t be retroactive.

Star Wars Card Trader

As a detour (de-TOR?) from The Old Republic, I’ve spent my holiday travel playing Star Wars Card Trader, an app game from Topps in which you collect and trade virtual cards.

If your interest in SWTOR has survived this long, then I know that you like Star Wars enough to tolerate gambling boxes and (occasional) hilarious gaffes in game administration. This is a brief introduction to the app. (Updated on January 15th, 2016 for the launch of “Series 3” cards.)

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